First Year Friday: Introductions Part 1

This academic year, the Mirica group welcomed six first year students to the group: Sagnik, Kevin, Karna, Kai, Katie (Join student with the Murphy Group), and Wesley (Affiliate student in the Burke Lab). This week we asked our three inorganic students to share a little about themselves. Here’s what they had to say. Sagnik Chakrabarti … Read more

Whiteboard Wednesday: The Group’s Spirit Animals

Thanks to the excellent reporting of Katie Greskovich, as seen on the office whiteboard, we have now learned the spirit animals of each Mirica Group member. An analysis of the results is as follows: The Mirica Group is Overwhelmingly Mammal Most Mirica Group members are vertebrates, warm blooded, and posses hair or fur. Representative mammals … Read more

Welcome Prospective Students!

We welcome prospective students for the University of Illinois’s Chemistry Department to take a virtual lab tour with us and learn more about the facilities that enable us to do our research. Our group has a diverse array of students from various research areas such as Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Biology, and Organic Chemistry, so no … Read more

Book Chapter published in Nickel Catalysis in Organic Synthesis: Methods and Reactions

This chapter summarizes the accomplishments made in the past 40 years involving organometallic Ni(III) and Ni(IV) complexes, with a focus on the more recent systems that exhibit rich reactivity profiles. In addition, high‐valent non‐organometallic Ni complexes proposed to play a role in various organic transformations are also discussed. Mirica, L. M.; Smith, S. M.; Griego, … Read more