Book Chapter published in Nickel Catalysis in Organic Synthesis: Methods and Reactions

This chapter summarizes the accomplishments made in the past 40 years involving organometallic Ni(III) and Ni(IV) complexes, with a focus on the more recent systems that exhibit rich reactivity profiles. In addition, high‐valent non‐organometallic Ni complexes proposed to play a role in various organic transformations are also discussed.

Mirica, L. M.; Smith, S. M.; Griego, L.;  “Organometallic Chemistry of High-Valent Ni(III) and Ni(IV) Complexes”, Nickel Catalysis in Organic Synthesis: Methods and Reactions, Ed. S. OgoshiWiley-VCH, 2019DOI: 10.1002/9783527813827.ch10.

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