Laboratory Techniques

Schlenk Line Survival Guide & Air-free techniques (Dr. Andryj Borys)

Not Voodoo — Demystifying Synthetic Organic Chemistry (Prof Alison Frontier)

Safety Net — Laboratory SOPs (Prof Alex Miller)

UIUC Safety

DRS Safety Trainings

SCS Safety Exam

Safety Training checklist

Safety Information/Resources

Emergency 24/7 facilities work order (severe water leak, utility loss, safety hazard, etc.) Call 217-333-0340

DRS Emergency response SOP

Dow Lab Safety Academy


Search published crystal structures (CCDC)

pKa & Acidity-Basicity Data

Mass Spec prediction (ChemCalc)

NMR Chemical shifts of Trace impurities — Organometallic & Organic

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds (SBDS, AIST Japan)

Spectroscopy Resources for NMR, IR, UV, MS (Organic Chemistry Data)

Department Resources

Department How-To Guide

Chemistry graduate student organizations

Storeroom Inventory (Reaction)

Group and Shared Inventory (EMS)

Order a chemical (Reaction)

Search & Compare vendor prices under “Suppliers” (SciFinder)

NMR & EPR machinesSubmit sample

X-ray single crystalSubmit sample

Mass spectrometrySubmit sample

Elemental AnalysisSubmit sample

Computing Cluster (HPC)

SCS Glass Shop

SCS Electronics Services

SCS Machine Shop

Non-emergency facilities work order

Waste Pickup

Liquid waste

Jerrican waste

Sharps, solids, and organometallic waste

University Resources

View grades, transcripts, rosters, and register for classes

Tax forms (W2, 1042-S, 1095-C)

Tax form 1098-T under “Account Billing”

Graduate Student Health InsuranceOpt-in every Fall/Spring/Summer

Activate UIUC Box, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office accounts

UIUC free software (WebStore)


Group Resources

Box folder & Group manual (must request access)

Google Calendar (must request access)

Slack group chat (must request access)