Lab Tour

We welcome you to take a virtual lab tour with us and see the facilities where we do our work. We hope the photos below provide you a good idea of the kinds of research that we do, and the instrumentation that we use for our work. If are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us, or even visit us in person! Our group offices are in CLSL rooms A443 and A434, and our group meetings are usually Wednesdays at 4pm in CLSL A446.

-The Mirica Group

Thank you for taking a virtual lab tour with us. As you can see, our lab is well equip to do both the chemistry and biology needed for our work. Like many other research groups at the University of Illinois, you’ll also find our group members making use of campus Research Support Facilities such as the X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory or the SCS NMR Laboratory.

Make sure to also check out the research we do with these facilities, and see the group members who make this work possible!