Mirica Lab Photos

Dozens of researchers have been associated with the Mirica Group over the years. Take a look at a few of our recent group photos selected from the past decade! Check out the following links to learn more about our current group and alumni. Here is our virtual lab tour!

May 2024

Group dinner at Bread Co and goodbye to Bailey.

February 2024

Our annual group photo on the steps of Krannert. We are excited to meet all the prospective graduate students during the next few visiting weekends!

September 2023

Our group had a great time at the Inaugural Changwoo Park – Walter Klemperer Inorganic & Materials Chemistry Allerton Conference (IMAC). Thank you Sagnik for your pivotal role in planning and executing the conference! Congratulations to our group’s very own Bailey on winning Best Oral Presentation Award, as well as to Shounak and Luke for winning Best Poster Presentation Awards!

July 2023

Group photo with some of our visiting summer scholars (Katy & Suyun)

June 2023

Zhengxin’s thesis defense!

April 2023

Inter-lab soccer tournament against the Mitchell, Mehta, and Sarlah labs

September 2022

Group camping trip to Kickapoo ft Crocs, first-time-camper-woes, Camp Dad Bailey, Stack Cup martyr Jubyeong and others.

July 2022

Summer group photo. No one’s freezing and Ian (top left) gave us a major tech upgrade with his drone. Some of us braved the sun and squinted at it:

August 2022

Alexis finishing up her summer in our lab as a 2023 St Elmo Brady Scholar

February 2022

With all new members. Our lab and office are crowded again!

August 2021

We welcomed several new members and said goodbye to several others, heading into a new academic year!

May 2020

Group Meeting in the Times of Covid-19. The Mirica Group advocates social distancing and cool Zoom backgrounds (thanks Wesley, Neil and Daniel!). Stay safe everyone!

February 2020

Katie drove prospective students around during a visit weekend
We love our prospectives!

November 2019

From left to right, bottom row: Yiran Huang, Yujue Wang, Liviu Mirica, Gina Tran, Hanah Na
Second row: Daniel Hu, Carla Gubau, Neil Heberer, Zhengxin Yu, Sagnik Chakrabarti, Leonel Griego, Wesley Wang
Third row: Hong-Jun Cho, Soumalya Sinha, Liang Sun, Katie Greskovich, Yung-Ching Wang, Bennet Elazer, Kai Gui, Kevin Manuel Medina Nales
Some members of the group at Prof. Mirica’s Investiture Reception – we also wonder if Kevin dropped the glass right after!

July 2019

From left to right, bottom row: Yiran Huang, Yujue Wang, Bennett Eleazer, Hanah Na, Gina Tran, Daniel Hu
Second row: Liviu Mirica, Zhengxin Yu, Liang Sun, Kinh Nguyen, Leonel Griego, Yung-Ching Wang, Hong-Jun Cho

February 2019

From left to right, bottom row: Gina Tran, Yujue Wang, Yiran Huang, Liang Sun
Second row: Liviu Mirica, Ben Eleazer, Leonel Griego, Yung-Ching Wang, Daniel Hu; Not shown: Zhengxin Yu, Hong Jun Cho, Sofia Smith.

March 2018

From left to right, bottom row: Liviu Mirica, Yujue Wang, Gina Tran, Alice Hsu (UG)
Second row: Hong-Jun Cho, Emily Morgan (UG), Leonel Griego, Sofia Smith, Yiran Huang.
Third row: Michael Liu (UG), Yung-Ching Wang, Liang Sun, Alex Graves

2016 and Older

From left to right, bottom row: Leonel Griego, Gina Tran, Yiran Huang, Emily Reeves, Kei Fuchigami.
Top row: Hui Doan, Hong-Jun Cho, Sofia Smith, Liviu Mirica, Nick Ruhs, Liang Sun, Michael Watson, Yung-Ching Wang

Do you have any group photos that you are willing to share? We would love it if you contact us!