Mirica Courses


Chem 518. Topics in Inorganic Chemistry — Bioinorganic chemistry. Advanced course dealing with a subject not ordinarily covered by regularly scheduled courses, such as organometallic chemistry, advanced ligand field theory and molecular orbital theory of inorganic compounds, kinetics and mechanisms of inorganic reactions, etc.

Chem 516. Physical Inorganic Chemistry. Advanced course dealing with group theory and use of physical methods to provide information about the geometry, electronic structures, and reactivity of inorganic compounds in solution; emphasizes NMR and ESR.

Chem 515. Inorganic Chemistry Seminar. Course for second-year graduate students who are preparing to present their Ph.D. literature seminar to the Department of Chemistry.


Chem 197 / 297 / 397. Individual Undergraduate Research. Undergraduate chemistry research, typically 1-3 credit hours per semester.

Chem 499. Undergraduate Thesis Research. Undergraduate chemistry research during both semesters of your senior year (2-6 credit hours each). It is recommended for all those who plan to do research and graduate study and it is a prerequisite for graduation with distinction in chemistry.

Chem 599. Graduate Thesis Research. Required thesis work for graduate students working toward the degree of Doctor of Philosophy or Masters degree. Typically 14 credit hours per semester with 6 credit hours per summer. CRN #15091.