Whiteboard Wednesday: The Group’s Spirit Animals

Thanks to the excellent reporting of Katie Greskovich, as seen on the office whiteboard, we have now learned the spirit animals of each Mirica Group member. An analysis of the results is as follows:

The Mirica Group is Overwhelmingly Mammal

Most Mirica Group members are vertebrates, warm blooded, and posses hair or fur. Representative mammals include be Leo, a meerkat, or Yujue, a chinchilla. Notable exceptions to the mammal family include Neil, an octopus, or Kevin, a crocodile.

Figure 1: Mirica Group categorized by animal class

The Mirica Group is Diverse in Size

Figure 2: Relative size of Mirica Group members plotted on a log scale. Average mass: 4.75 kg. Median mass: 1451.238 kg.

There is great diversity in size between Mirica Group members, ranging from 0.1 kg (Daniel, Hamster), to 20,000 kg (Zhengxin, Dragon). Interestingly, our undergraduate Kinh (Spirit Animal: Kinh) is 800 times heavier than Daniel, while Yung-Ching (Elephant) is 54,000 times heavier than Daniel.